Welcome to Thincovate

We take pride in our ability to co-create best solutions for our customers through critical analysis, optimum design, usage of apt technologies while ensuring ease of use. We are passionate about our work and strive to deliver the best.

Thincovate's traits.


We believe in innovations through cutting edge technologies that enable businesses to simplify decision making


We excel in the art and science of ideating, implementing and delivering products and services using latest and apt technologies

Out of the Box

Our mantra is delivering solutions that are : out of the box, right on functionality, simple to adapt yet easy to use

Connected World

We dream of a world where our solutions help people interconnect, share and co-create a better world

About Us

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C Clarke

We believe in creating such magic in lives of people using technology - building applications and services that create magic by increasing their efficiency, harnessing their potential and making life simple and happier. As hardcore techies, we are christed to believe that technology can and definitely CAN make the impossible, then simple, then achievable with a mouse click or swipe or even a touch.

So here we are - Techies with a shared experience of 10 years each and making our mark in connecting dots between thinking and innovation. Making our footprints in the business of using technology to develop innovative thoughts.

We as a team are stronger.

Our Services

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Product Development

Equipped with the latest technical competencies, vast domain expertise and experience, we ensure to propose, implement and deliver innovative solutions to best fit your business problems.

We pride in our ability to innovate solutions that fall in line with your technical and financial feasibility. We believe in minimizing time and efforts in product adaptability and of course trainings, so that your businesses can reap rich benefits in terms of time and productivity.

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Support Services

A brilliant idea with a weak promotion is as lost a daffodil in the forest as is a poorly executed idea with a brilliant marketing strategy. We see a lot of work that can be done in this area.

Also feel competent for it since we are a team that comprises of marketers and engineers. May it be SEO, Branding & Promoting business online, Sales & Performance analytics through web/ data analytics and/or Expanding your retail business onto e-platforms.

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Project lifecycle management, is one key aspect of any organization that demands expertise and experience to ensure smooth, enhanced and issue free services day-in & day-out operations.

Our services include optimizing windows/web applications for look and feel, speed and performance, ticket resolution and feature enhancements. With our vast experience, we extend our services to assist your organization in every key stages/areas of project/product management.

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Mobile Apps

As trained professionals in both iOS and Android programming, we are actively involved in developing both native and web apps for iOS and Android platforms.

We provide assistance in migrating applications from desktop to mobile platforms by either proposing a better responsive UI components or through an alternative mobile friendly version to the existing web/desktop applications.

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Idea Development

Got a wonderful idea ? Don’t have a clue how to breath life into it ? Write to us if you are looking for a development/marketing partner who can work closely with you.

With a NDA, we can assist with market/digital analysis, eloborate and prepare project plans for your ideas. We are open to all legal and ethical businesses in this segment with a preference towards – Our bit of giving back to the world and society.

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Analysis & Strategy

Are you struck in a business situation and looking for an expert third party opinion? We offer our services to analyze business solutions and suggest strategies for every business problem.

One of our key services include business/data/web analysis to suggest solutions and strategies for your business development, situational analysis, marketting strategy development etc by keeping in view both your short-term and long-term business objective.

Our Work

We are proud to be associated with the following products/services.

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